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My wife, Sarah, and I are so grateful for our stellar team who pour their heart into making the dream of CHEV a reality.

Our journey began over two decades ago. Sarah and I had barely been dating three months when I boldly proposed, “Want to move to Sonoma with me? I’m going to sleep on my friend’s futon and work my old restaurant job while I try to become a winemaker.” Sarah thought I was crazy. Yet, despite a world of uncertainties, she said YES. Hopping into my broken-down Jetta, we took the leap.

It’s been a long, tough road to get here — from my earliest days at Deerfield Ranch Winery with my hands stained black from countless hours harvesting to launching Kosta Browne with everything we had (which wasn’t much). But after 23 years and three wonderful kids, we finally have our own family winery. And thanks to our team of hand-chosen experts — each uniquely skilled in their craft with impressive backgrounds — it’s the perfect pairing of knowledge, creativity, and passion that goes into making every delicious bottle of CHEV.

Michael and Sarah Browne, Founders & Proprietors

Michael & Sarah Browne Founders & Proprietors

“Our team brings the perfect balance of grit and determination. It's that focused intensity, positive energy and elegance that just makes it all work.”

Israel Lagunas, Cellar Master

Israel Lagunas Cellar Master

Rigo Rivera, Cellar Master

Rigo Rivas Cellar Master

Leah Van Dyke, DTC Manager

Leah Van Dyke Director of Membership & Hospitality

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