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At CHEV, we work hard to make delicious wines so you can slow down and savor life without distractions. Those magic moments when you gather ‘round the table or by the fire with great friends and family to eat, drink, and spark real connections. Just like we did in the good ‘ol days. And enhancing those good times is what drives and inspires us.

“We're serious about the craft of winemaking. And enjoying life to the fullest glass.”  

Our Chardonnay and Pinot Noir reign from the notable Russian River Valley, or “the Garden of Eden,” as our master craftsman Michael Browne calls it, where everything grows well. Embodying Michael’s unparalleled style, expect enticing and approachable, detailed yet complex.

With the 2019 vintage, we embark on our journey of exploring new regions. We have introduced a small production of CHEV Pinot Noir from Willamette Valley. Inspired by our passion for intense and elegant Pinot Noir, we ventured north to find a new color palette and tonal difference to work with. Feeling the change in energy and ready for a new challenge, this wine is a pure expression of the majesty of this region - a wonderful accompaniment to our wines from the Russian River Valley.

CHEV Russian River Pinot Noir 2019

Pinot Noir

Russian River Valley


Fermentation: 75% Stainless steel open tops | 25% concrete open tops | 5% whole cluster

Time in barrel: 16 months | 44% new French oak | 23% once used French oak |30% twice used French oak | 5% Concrete Tank

Nose: Boysenberry and cherry with light pastry cobbler and gentle aromas of savory spice, aged black tea and vanilla bean.

Mouth: Black cherry and juicy red plum intertwined with fresh earth and faint tobacco leaf. A seductive broad texture with vibrant acidity and a silky soft mouthfeel, followed by a suede finish with an earthy characteristic and a balancing high tone. Well-rounded with subtle, finely integrated tannins.

Recommended Drinking Age: Three to five years after release although it will age gracefully over the next 10 years when properly cellared. Should you wish to enjoy sooner, we recommend decanting for two to three hours.

CHEV Willamette Valley Pinot Noir

Pinot Noir


“Bold yet understated, firm with bright minerality, fresh with vibrant Oregon fruit.”

Fermentation: 100% Stainless steel open tops | 20% concrete open tops

Time in barrel: 16 months | 40% new French oak | 40% once used French oak |20% twice used French oak

Nose: Floral aromas of roses, hibiscus, and orange blossoms accompanied by, black currant, orange zest and sweet cinnamon spice.

Mouth: Multi-dimensional and layered with crunchy red fruits- a burst of fresh raspberry, cranberry, and pomegranate. Structural with a commanding presence, supported by a balanced acidity and grippy tannins. Mouth-coating and full, the wine blankets the palate with a pleasant and mildly chalky sensation on the finish.

Recommended Drinking Age: Three to five years after release although it will age gracefully over the next 10 years when properly cellared. Should you wish to enjoy sooner, we recommend decanting for two to three hours.

CHEV Russian River Chardonnay


Russian River Valley


Fermentation: 9% Concrete Egg | 16% Concrete Amphora | 25% new French oak | 50% once filled French oak

Time in barrel: 14 months| 20% new French oak |28% used French oak | 10 months aged in Concrete Egg and Amphora then split evenly between used French oak and stainless steel.

Nose: Bartlett pear, apricot tart, orange blossoms and crushed slate.

Mouth: Fresh papaya, spiced apricot, and light crème caramel accented with freshly grated nutmeg. An opulent texture balanced by lively acidity, reminiscent of fresh, lively cream washing over the palate. Pure minerality and a long, resonating finish ending with bright notes of citrus.

Recommended Drinking Time: Ready to enjoy now, although will reach optimal expression in 1-2 years and cellar well over the next 5 years.

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